International medical transport services

Safe, international medical transportation is always a good choice, whether it comes to an accident that happened abroad, the need of taking medical treatment in a different country or private medical transport of the elderly. Our services allow you to avoid unnecessary stress and lower overall cost of medical treatment. Language barrier, inability to communicate and longing for loved ones can impede recovery. Ordering a private emergency transportation is often necessary to overcome those obstacles.

International medical transportation carried out by a specialist paid ambulance

Our offer includes a private ambulance, which thanks to the excellent equipment guarantees the highest safety and comfort during transit. It is equipped with specialist medical equipment, basic medications and accessories. Extremely comfortable beds allow travelling while lying down or in a sitting position. Special mattresses protect from bedsores. We care deeply about the patient’s comfort on every step of the journey.

Depending on the needs, sanitary transport of the ill is carried out in a presence of a first aider, a nurse or a doctor. Each team member has the necessary knowledge and skills to provide medical care of the highest quality. Our broad experience allows us to react quickly to every emergency situation. The driver of the private ambulance cares about safety regulations and perfectly adapts the driving style to the road conditions. With the help of medical equipment, our highly qualified staff keeps track of the patient’s state, immediately reacting to any well-being changes and helping to reach a destination safely.

When should you consider chartering a medical flight?

In some situations, e.g. when carrying out medical transport to Italy, we suggest chartering a medical plane as an alternative to a standard private ambulance, based on individual medical recommendations. International medical flights means comfortable travel conditions and professional, competent care throughout. It is also the quickest and the safest way of the emergency transport of the injured. While carrying out medical escort by air, we provide not only the flight itself, but also a transportation of patients to the airport, and later to their destination point. International medical flights eliminate the risk of delays such as: road works, traffic accidents or jammed border crossings.

 How much does it cost to transport a patient from abroad?

We perfectly know that there are no two identical cases. Our offer is individually tailored to the situation of the client and his family. Each case is priced for free. Based on doctor’s recommendation, medical reports, the current state of health of the patient, distance from the starting to destination points, route characteristics and weather conditions — the optimal way of transport of the ill person is advised. Our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to minimize the risk and arrive to the destination safely. Nord Ambulanse offers competitive prices. Contrary to the popular view, professional, international emergency transport does not need to be expensive. Each offer is flexibly tailored to a specific case. If you want to know more — contact us today.

From which countries do we carry out medical transport?

We operate throughout Europe, carrying out the transportation of the ill, the elderly and the disabled. Regardless of the distance that needs to be crossed, we take orders from such countries, as Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and France. Our international emergency transportation services involve transport of patients from the United Kingdom and Scotland as well. Our operations span from Sweden in the north of Europe to the Italy in the south. Germany is also one of the countries we can pick up the beloved family member from. When it comes to medical transport Europe has no borders to Nord Ambulanse services.

By carefully planning our route we make sure that sanitary transportation is easy and comfortable. At Nord Ambulanse, we avoid busy border crossings, and keep a track on road works to shorten the journey time. Even the sea is not a barrier, as our emergency transportation services from the United Kingdom can prove. We can reach every corner of Europe in no time.

Medical transport — what else do you need to know?

When you are in need of private emergency transport services in Europe, you can count on us. We carry out the international emergency transportation with the utmost care for the patient’s well-being. It means that we not only transport the ill, the elderly, and the disabled from point to point, but also pick them up from medical facilities or places of residence. Our care includes providing necessary medications and performing basic procedures during transit. Before setting off we secure the patient in a way that allows the highest safety and comfort. The patient is in constant communication with our team. We check whether all of the recommendations from a medical report were taken into account. If the patient has limited mobility due to disability or an injury, we help to enter a paid ambulance safely. Our services are carried out to the highest standards, from the first contact with the client to safely reaching the destination. References from satisfied customers who have ordered our sanitary transport prove the quality of the services we provide.